Workouts from the past…

…meanwhile workouts in ancient Greece…

Mio of Croton

To become the greatest wrestler in Greece, to win six Olympic laurels, Milo had to train like the rest of us. His method? Borrow a new born calf and carry it around Croton day after day, week after week, and month after month. As the calf grew, so did Milo’s strength, until he was the strongest wrestler in Greece and could carry the now full grown bull upon his back.

What did he do once the bull was grown? He ate it.

That’s what we’re about here, carrying the weight, getting in the miles, doing the work, day in and day out, making small gains, occasionally dropping the calf, but always picking it back up. It’s a simple enterprise – do the work, get better. At sport, at life, at everything.


Don’t let me scare You away, but it really takes hard, dedicated workouts to build a great physique. But hard work alone is not enough. In addition to training hard, You need to train smart, which means mastering the fundamental principles of bodybuilding. These principles should be learned and practiced right from the beginning. [Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding, 1998]

Surelley, different people have different reasons for doing workouts and training. Some want to build their bodies just to look and feel better. And thats exactly what this site is all about.

Ectomorph body type

There are three body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. I will focus only on Ectomorph body type regardles of gender.

body types

The ectomorph is caracterized by a short upper body, long arms and legs, long and narrow feet and hands, and very little fat storage; narrowness in the chest and shoulders, with generally long, thin muscles.

So, the first objective is to gain weight thru workouts and food, preferably in form of quality muscle mass.

Corner-stone recommendations:

  • plenty of power moves for a workouts (heavy weight and low reps)
  • train intensely and make every set count
  • carefull attention to nutrition
  • don’t burn more calories than You consume

So, lets get to the point. Here I will explain my workouts. I have tried many things but only one in standing out over my 20 year carrer. My perfect combination is mix with Strenth workouts and Hipertrophy workouts in one week.

I mix two trainings per year, each training lasts 3 months, so my body never get used to workouts in order for constant growth

The first one goes excactly like this:

Warming up per each workouts*:

*detailed description in the Workout and Diet Manual

THE WORKOUTS ROUTINE (*detailed description in the Workout and Diet Manual)

Monday (Upper body, strength)

Tuesday (Lower body, strength)

Wednesday (Rest Day) 

Thursday (Chest and Back, hypertrophy)

Friday (Shoulders and arms, hypertrophy)

Saturday and Sunday (Rest days)

The second one goes excactly like this (*):

*detailed description in the Workout and Diet Manual

Equipment needed (I use):

  • Power Rack
  • Olympic Barbell
  • 20 kg. 10 kg, 5 kg and 2,5 kg cast iron plates
  • EZ curl bar
  • skipping rope
  • Flatbench press
  • Hex Deadlift Bar

  1. Always warm up thoroughly before you begin to work out with heavy weights;
  2. Avoid training in an overcrowded gym;
  3. Train with competent supervision;
  4. Use proper exercise form;
  5. Obtain as much knowledge as you can implement;
  6. Never workout alone;
  7. Use spotters when lifting maximum weights;
  8. Always use catch racks when doing squats;
  9. Use collars on the end of your barbells;
  10. Never hold your breath when you are doing a heavy repetition;
  11. Use a weightlifting belt when doing heavy movements;
  12. Maintain good gym house-keeping;