Water, water, drink lots of water

We as humans are composed of approximately 70 percent of the stuff and nearly every aspect of our body’s function calls for the fluid. Water makes up much of the medium that helps our cells communicate with each other. While it’s a fact we can only survive a few days at best without drink water, how much is enough? What is the perfect amount? By my experience there is no universal rule except that we do need it in order to survive.

My rule of thumb is 2 dl per hour and 1 liter of water per workout. Thats sums up to 2,5 litres per day.

If urine appears dark yellow, water intake needs to be increased. The color of urine should typically be a pale yellow. One study documented that even experienced long distance runners did not always gauge how dehydrated they were. These days, there is bottled water, flavored water, vitamin water and of course, tap water.

The best source for drinking and cooking, is water filtered through a reverse osmosis system. This is a very high grade filter that can be installed under your kitchen sink by a local water company. Any other form of regular water, tap or bottled, is still better than a soda. Vitamin and specialty waters can become a problem due to added sugars. Others promise extra vitamins when in fact they contain very few. In truth, water doesn’t need to provide anything other than water. It’s important enough. And water in solution doesn’t cont. You need pure water, not juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea, or some other substitute.

Grab a glass, grab a pitcher; just be sure to drink in the natural gifts of water