Statement: “To get your body to change, you have to put pressure on it to change. Many people who claim to be ectomorphs are skinny people who don’t do enough to cause their body to want to change. Sometimes they work out in the wrong way or eat the wrong types of foods”.

Was that me?

Hell YEAH! – With a high metabolism it is hard to gain the excess calories necessary to build muscle and weight. It’s important for us to take a closer look at what we’re currently eating in terms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Ectomorphs can and should eat A LOT per day. It is going to be important that an ectomorph eats at least every 3,5 hours. Each meal should include quality protein and healthy fats as much as possible, with at least 1.5 grams of protein consumed per pound of body weight daily. The ectomorph can almost consume carbs all day long without having to worry. Eat clean and eat more frequently. Keep track of calories ingested, activity and bodyweight. Weigh in on a scale in the morning on an empty stomach, check and record bodyweight WEEKLY. If your weight drops, you simply are not eating enough. Add 200 calories a day and wait for the next weigh in. No progress? Add another 200 calories.

Recently I found something in Google’s treasury, You can calculate┬ácalorie intake yourself!

Basic dietary rules [Ultimate Bodybuilding, 1988)
  1. Always eat for your body’s benefit rather than taste;
  2. Include a much variety in your diet as possible;
  3. Consume smaller mealsat frequent intervals during the day;
  4. Include plenty of high-quality animal-source protein in your diet;
  5. Curtail the ammount of animal fat in your diet;
  6. Eat food as fresh and lightly cooked as possible;
  7. Load up on natural carbohydrates;
  8. Drink at least 2,5 litres of water per day (10 glasses per each hour);
  9. Take at least one multipack of vitamines, minerals, trace elements and digestive enzymes a day;
  10. Avoid junk food;
  11. Dont miss meals;
  12. Keep sugar and salt on low level;
  13. Avoid alcohol (Beer is OK);
So, my daily diet looks like this:

*detailed description in the Workout and Diet Manual

ALLTOGETHER IS ABOUT 150g PROTEINS as building material.

High Calorie weight gainer shake is my friend also. For me it was smart to invest in a weight gainer powder due to lack of time to cook or eat the foods or just need that extra calorie kick! And also it gets alot cheaper. Currently I use Bodyraise 100% Whey Pro builder – Vanilla flavor ­čÖé