Hi, I’m Bastian Clear – and this is my black book of Controlling Body Weight

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A lot of people assume skinny people have it easy and probably don’t get bullied, but I felt so harassed about my body every day that I was embarrassed and ashamed of showing it off at all.

Hi, my name is Bastian, white, causasian, 36 years old and this is my story. My goal with this website is to help you remove skinny look and gain strength and muscle by lifting heavy weights. You’ll find here a lot of free guides, large format sheets, delicious mealplans, psychology and mentality of famous George Clason (by the book called The Richest Man in Babylon) and similar texts (yeah, I read alot). I think I’ve tried and bought every legal supplement available to me. After 20 years of my “research” I found a solution for me and I’m preety sure  it will benefit You too! It is making me realy nice gains along with confidence and motivation.


I don’t even remember how many times throughout my whole life people told me, “You look like a toothpick,” or even asked me if I ever ate. I’ve been pretty skinny my whole life due to genetics, and no matter how much I ate I couldn’t gain a pound…at least then I thought it was genetics. It later came to me, that nothing could be further from the truth. I took a lot of years for me to finally figure out my optimum formula to gain quality muscle weight. Now I want to share this with the whole world.

The inner game of mine

ME, as skinny as I was then, started out at age 16, nearly 53 kg (at 181 cm height) my first day inside of a gym. I had to put on 12 kilograms before I’d even qualify as having the “bad genetics”. Those 12 kilograms were built in 6 long years of trial and error, dedication, hard-work and discipline. I was consuming lots of “good” calories, more than 3500 Calories per day, every day and tried a lot of supplements out there, that was available to me.  To name a few: MegaMass 2000, ISOFlex, Gold Standard, MyProtein, MuscleTech…and the list go on and on.

Now after 20 years of trials and errors I’m stading in front of You, 181cm tall healthy man, 36 years old, weight 78kg – with fat only 6%. And I’m proud of my achievement – skinny less!!
from skinny to normal BEAST
from skinny to normal BEAST
 My mistakes:
    •  Not Enough Sleep
    • Not Drinking Water
    • Training Too Frequently And Too Long
    • Not Eating Enough Calories And Eating The Wrong Calories
    • Not Training Above My Threshold
    • Relying On Supplements To Gain Size
    • Ignoring The Weaknesses
    • Not Stretching At Least Half The Amount Of Time That You Lift
    • Training Beyond Failure
    • Monday is Chest Day, Tuesday Is Leg Day, Wednesday Is Back Day…
  • Not Lifting Truly Heavy Weights
  • Setting Outcome Goals Instead Of Performance Goals

“Everything in life starts off as a dream. if you don’t have that vision you’ll never make things happen.” [Gary Strydom]

Marking the transition
I think the most important things I developed through training were my personality, confidence and character. When you have a well-developed body and you’re confident, you see people bending your way, wanting to be on your side, wanting to do things for you. But as I transformed myself from skinny into something strong and unique, discovering I could do one thing well, confidence came to me naturally. And that gave me a great deal of security.
I believe you overcome a lot of frustrations in the gymnasium, things you’re not even aware of. I found that the more I worked out, the less skinny and violent I became. It trimmed away tensions and taught me how to relax. When I put in a good workout I felt a sense of accomplishment. I felt like a newborn person. I had the strength to go on and conquer in other areas and feel confident about doing it. It left me in kind of a low-key frame of mind, not always desperate or anxious.
Every day, I see people running around, all excited, wanting to do things, feeling pent up and unable to find any release. I’d probably be that way if I didn’t work off my frustrations in the gym. I’ve come to realize that almost anything difficult, any challenge, takes time, patience and hard work, like building up for a 220-pound bench press.
Learning that gave me plenty of positive energy to use later on. I taught myself discipline, the strictest kind of discipline. How to be totally in control of my body, how to control each individual muscle. I could apply that discipline to everyday life. I used it mostly in my profession as a lawyer.
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